Safety, fun and toys for your child

Our brand BABY VIVO stands for versatile offers for kids. High-grade children’s products will make your daily life easier and at the same time offer your kid fun and comfort. Our selection includes baby articles for needs at home and on the move. Discover comfortable playpens, convenient high chairs and car seats. As soon as your little ones become more independent, they can broaden their mind with toys like a play kitchen or a balance bike. Every article has been carefully processed and the designs are perfectly suitable for children. With perfect quality offered by us, you and your little darling will be on the safe side.


Baby Vivo

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A safe space at home

Even if you always keep an eye on your baby, there are weak spots in every flat. Look ahead and prevent accidents. A playpen, available in different sizes and colors, is perfectly suited to accommodate your child safely at short notice. The playpen will become a space that your child likes to stay in due to its multi-colored and cheerful designs and integrated toys. A fireguard serves the same purpose; it keeps you kid away from a hot fireside. Our playpens and fireguards are quick and easy to assemble. Of course, safety plays a significant role for the baby crib and high chair as well. The producer of BABY VIVO children’s articles pays close attention to a childproof workmanship and a firm sturdiness. Those articles are suited for babies and infants.

To be out and about comfortably with a kid

Taking a walk with a baby, shopping and running errands: a comfortable pushchair lends itself to this task. Our range offers several 2-in-1 combinations in different colors. For walking-tours or if you would just like to have your hands free we recommend one of our baby carriers. Every car trip becomes more secure if you use a car seat. BABY VIVO is a quality brand and a guarantee for safe and relaxed travels.

Fun for the little ones

Of course, the element of fun should not be lacking during everyday life! BABY VIVO’s considerable selection offers excellent children’s products for the first few years. The puzzle play mat is a good example of how diverse baby products can be. Kids can keep themselves busy with assembling and disassembling it for a long time. Also always popular are playgrounds and toys for the nursery or living room, they will stimulate motor function and imagination of the kids. There will be imaginative cooking with the play kitchen, and balance bikes are perfectly suited for a childlike need for movement.

Appropriate playgrounds and toys for every age

BABY VIVO pays close attention to safety and age-appropriate implementation of all offers. Decide on baby products that are essential for the first years. A fireguard or other children’s products make sense for kids that are a little bit older. Furthermore, toys that are complementary to the children’s development are an ideal addition. In the end, BABY VIVO keeps cleanliness in mind as well. With a wide range of bamboo cloth diapers we offer a timely alternative to disposable nappies.