MAXCRAFT – high-quality tools and versatile articles!

If you are looking for high-quality tools, that are practical as well, it usually takes a while to come to a decision. A preselection is often very helpful. For this reason you will find and excellent selection of high-quality tools and versatile articles by our brand MAXCRAFT under the category of DIY. MAXCRAFT stands for useful home improvement articles like practical tools and LEDs. Even if you are looking for an appropriate ladder, our virtual hardware store is the right place to come to.


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An appropriate ladder or working platform for every purpose

Ladders in different sizes are always used when a person’s body height is not sufficient to work comfortably and safely. Our selection includes telescopic ladders in different sizes and models, flexible multifunction ladders and working platforms. Should you wish to work on larger surfaces we recommend using a multifunction ladder or a scaffold.


All ladders by MAXCRAFT are of light and stainless aluminum. This allows for extremely easy transportation and manifold possible applications. Of course, this applies to the telescopic ladder as well as to the multifunction ladder.


Incidentally, especially the multifunction ladder is extremely versatile, not only can it be used as a leaning ladder but if needed as a working platform as well. The telescopic ladder proves its superiority when you are aiming high but only have limited room for storage in times when it is not in use. Every ladder has been EN-tested, they all guarantee maximum safety and comfort during use.

MAXCRAFTS helps to cast a positive light on every room

We offer a vast selection of LED panels in our virtual hardware store as well. Whether installed in the kitchen, bathroom or living room, LEDs by MAXCRAFT will accentuate your indoor illumination. Both warm and cool white panels are economical in their power consumption and their service life spans up to 30.000 hours. You have to admit that those are very impressive parameters. You can choose between a round and a rectangular shape and between different sizes and power ratings. Our vast selection of diverse LED panels allows for almost endless possibilities.

Assistance for your garden

Even if you want to arrange your own garden, you can trust in help in the form of useful tools. In our online shop, we offer full sets of high-grade chain-link fences. They are available in different lengths and heights. Additionally we offer the appropriate aid for our clients if they are worried about transportation in their garden.