Our favorite bike trailer

Our SAMAX bike trailer is the best way to bring even more fun to your outdoor activities and to make nature more accessible to your child.

By now you can see those bike trailers and jogging strollers as little helpers for everyday life more and more often. Our jogger offers best value for money (tested by vergleich.org) and is suitable for a relaxed walk with your kid or a quick shopping trip due to its two interior side pockets.

These also offer enough space to store your little one’s toys and food for your trip. Everything you might need is readily available. Our bicycle trailer can easily be transformed into a practical jogger and vice versa in just a few steps – without any tools. Of course, the necessary stroller wheel and the bike bar are included in delivery. The frame is of sturdy steel – two lateral bars prevent the trailer from tipping over and therefore protect your child. However, you should not exceed the permissible maximum weight of 40 kg, that means about 21 kg can be added.

Thanks to the spring-loaded rear axle you can comfortably go across country – the water-repellent cover will not let you down in any kind of weather and an additional top equipped with a fly screen provides extra protection. Safety is very important to us therefore the trailers are equipped with two 3-point safety harnesses and an additional lap belt as well as a safety pennant that is clearly visible for others. Due to the swiveling connector, the trailer will remain upright even if the bike should tilt or fall over. Furthermore, there is a practical brake on the handle to stop the trailer quickly in case of a dangerous situation.

Your little one will be happy with the trip and its convenience while you can enjoy the flexibility and ride. Treat yourself and your family to something and use our bicycle trailer and jogging stroller. As it is a two-seater there is no need to cut down on comfort, on the contrary, you will gain a lot of joy.

After all, all parents want their kids to be safe during trips so that they can enjoy the outing together