On the road with your four-legged friend

We want to provide reliability and ease in those cases where you need to transport your pet. By now you can see those portable dog crates inside cars more and more often. Man’s best friend should be well protect if you are on the road, because obviously you want to drive without causing an accident.

A pet that is not properly secured during a car ride can quickly become a real danger for all passengers. If you have to pay attention to your unsecured pet, you will be distracted and not observe traffic and other road users properly. Our transport box is extremely stable and its back is slanted so that the shape fits perfectly well inside the trunk of your car. You do not need to worry about your dog soiling the seat upholstery or even it being loose in the back seat or inside the luggage trunk. Another advantage of this box is that it is very easy to tidy up as well. It will be clean in no time, your dog will be happy and it will find its way into its “cave” voluntarily and all on its own.

The transport box even presents an opportunity to retreat, should your pet desire to do so. If it is too much for your four-legged friend because of visiting friends or children having a good romp the box would be a good opportunity to retreat which also lessens the danger of any peculiar behavior of the dog or even it being too close to anxious visitors.

Many dog owners also use those transport boxes as a part of their training measures for pups. As cute and lively as they are, they also need a proper training from the very first day on in order to become a faithful companion for their human. The more so as even puppies will take care to stop wetting their own “homes” after a while, that can happen at the beginning, but a corrective guiding hand can also overcome it quite quickly. Should you wish to prevent your pet from opening the door from the inside you can use the closing mechanism to lock it. In this way, you can protect your furnishings, shoes or other miscellaneous items from your puppy’s teeth for a little while.

Our transport box is both stable and safe. At the same time, the aluminum grille at the door and at the top of all other sides ensures fresh air circulation. Concurrently your pet will be more relaxed because it can still look outside and its range of vision will not be restricted.

Overall, our well-ventilated transport box is not only suitable for walking the dog daily but also for longer car journeys – your best friend will be thankful!