Safety first!

If you child’s safety is just as important to you as it is to us, our playpen by BABY VIVO is the perfect solution. It is freely configurable and suitable for in- and outdoor use. As commonly known, little kids are free spirits that test their boundaries and can make their parents life a little hard sometimes – unintentionally of course.

A short moment of inattentiveness and something has already happened. Surely, you know of a couple of examples from your own childhood or your parent’s tales. The best way to avoid those risks is using a SGS-certified plastic playpen.

It is used not only for protection but also for essentially being able to focus on something else than your little ones for a short moment and still have them well protected. After all, you would not want to neglect the rest of your household and you still need to take care of laundry and everything else. Your progeny can run of if left unattended for just a short minute. With toddlers, even inept movements can be risky.

As our playpen is suitable for the outdoors, you do not need to keep your child inside on a good day with beautiful weather. Thanks to the connecting mechanism the playpen is quickly assembled, for example it can easily be set up around the sandbox or in a meadow. You can relax and dedicate yourself to gardening or to friends and family that may be visiting. There is no need to be afraid that your children are running around in the garden and may be hurting themselves with items left lying around.

There is another advantage to our playpen: You can enlarge it using additional panels. Of course, you can choose any shape you like.

There is no risk of a child or an adult harming themselves because all edges are rounded and the connectors are capped. As there are no large gaps between the struts, it is not possible to push through the playpen with arms or legs and to be stuck afterwards. It is extremely easy to clean as well, as it is made of solid, tough synthetic material.

Naturally, you would also want to keep an eye on your children during the holidays – with a playpen that has been awarded as a test winner by and you can simply relax, enjoy your free time and watch the little ones play.