There are many ways to lighten the load on parents. However, a playpen is one of the most important investments for one’s offspring. Parents want to know their children are safe without having to worry about their child making unwanted explorations. That’s where the Fridolin playpen comes in: parents can take care of other things while their baby sits and plays safely in the playpen.

A playpen isn’t just some tool; it emphasises child friendliness alongside its child safety features. The frog-shaped door can be used as an entrance and exit as needed, and the railings are decorated in two bright alternating colours. There is also a child-suitable toy built into the structure of the playpen.

The playpen is made of a plastic which poses no danger to the child’s health. Safety and security are also provided with a railing height of over 60 centimetres. Suction cups are fitted under the elements to improve safety and security and to prevent the playpen from falling over or moving. It would scarcely be possible to keep the littlest members of the family any safer. In addition, the playpen can be given a variety of different shapes. Placing it in a corner, in front of a large window or in an alcove are no trouble at all.