Buying a small animal cage conveniently online


Small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and chinchillas have become almost as popular as cats and dogs. But to make rodents feel at home in their new home, they absolutely need a species-appropriate animal cage. In terms of size and equipment, it should match the respective animal species and consist of high-quality materials that are as natural as possible. Because small animals like to gnaw at everything in their environment, including their little homes and other furnishings. A rodent cage made of wood is therefore best suited for keeping small animals.


At our company, you’ll find stable, durable small animal cages – for example a spacious hamster cage or a rabbit hutch that your hares and rabbits can use to retreat to. Our small animal cages are made of wood and the workmanship is first-class. All small animal cages from our range are also robust and easy to care for, which means that regular cleaning is quick and easy. You will receive some products from our assortment including a practical outdoor enclosure so that the animals can give free rein to their urge to run around. Keep in mind that even small animals need a lot of exercise and have to let off steam regularly! Most rodents are also pack animals and must have at least one other rodent at their side. Your small animal cage should of course be a little larger in this case. This means the animals not only have enough space to exercise, they can also avoid each other if necessary. In this way, they are provided with a stress-free environment and the risk of biting is reduced.


Whether a rabbit hutch or hamster cage, a rodent cage must always have the right equipment for the species. For example, equip the animal cage with hiding places, hay-racks, and of course food and drinking bowls. A rabbit hutch should also have a digging box so that the animals can dig any time they like. Tunnels, bridges, and caves are also ideal for the design of the small animal cage. If you apply all these tips and advice, your animal roommates are sure to feel at home in their new surroundings immediately.