Baby Walker – more than just a children’s vehicle


Play, explore, learn: with a baby walker, the world of your offspring will become bigger and more colourful. This baby walker is multi-functional and can be used as a slide car, carriage or even as a scooter. The bright colours make this vehicle beloved by children: red and green, blue and orange dominate. In this way, the important colours can be explained immediately in the game. When the excursion later leaves your own garden, the bright colours provide more visibility. Of course, not only the appearance but also the function was considered in the design. The conversion options ensure that this baby walker remains interesting for your child for a long time.



Support motion sequences with the baby walker


Every start is known to be difficult. This baby walker makes it easier for your baby. The co-ordination of the legs is learned while sitting, step by step the children’s room being conquered with this first vehicle of their own. Moreover, once the small muscles have been trained, it is also easier to walk. Later, the bobby car can be converted into a baby scooter with a few manipulations. The four wheels then ensure that the matter of balance works better. The baby walker is therefore also ideal for practising before the child gets on a scooter. Also later a slide car is highly favoured. The youngest are not the only ones to compete in the garden. Even if the legs have to be put on, a bobby car remains interesting, as some parents will know for sure.



Safely under way – carriages for home and garden


The material of the baby walker is adapted to the child’s play. Corners and edges are rounded off to prevent the risk of injury. The screws are also rounded off. The handles also take the little ones into account. They are ergonomically shaped and therefore easy to grip. Wheel size and wheelbase are optimal so as to prevent tipping. The folding function is so designed so that little fingers cannot get trapped. And the dimensions have also been thought of: multi-functional, like this colourful vehicle, it can be transported practically as a carriage or as a scooter in the boot, so that any available space can be optimally used.