Winter fun while tobogganing

Children and snow: the first snow is almost as eagerly awaited as baby Jesus. The impatience grows, until finally the layer of snow is thick enough to speed down the slopes with the new steerable bob sleigh. If the passenger also has space on the comfortable seat, the pleasure is twice as great. There’s plenty of room for that with this great steerable sled, and even bigger friends or siblings are welcome. With a load capacity of 75 kg this children’s sled, passengers are not a problem.

Toboggan bobsleigh for children – safety comes first

The great Samax children’s sled doesn’t only look good! It even looks fast with its red and black coat of paint. And it does go quickly down the slope, because the wide edges run well even in deeper snow. So that the journey does not become too fast, the design naturally includes brakes. All you have to do is pedal with both feet. The jagged edges quickly ensure that the target is reached safely at the desired speed. Safety is a top priority with this steerable sled: all corners and edges are rounded so that your children will not be injured by the sled.

Comfortable to carry up and safe to steer down

The steering wheel is also designed for children. It is easy to grip, even with thick gloves. The steering of the toboggan bobsleigh is direct and reliable. Obstacles on the slope can easily be avoided. The non-slip seat is slightly raised at the back to support the toboggan riders. Pulling on the level or up the mountain is also no problem thanks to this small backrest, your child will sit securely. The steerable bob sleigh is pulled by a robust rope attached to the front. With a weight of around 5.9 kg, the sled has the necessary stability for fast descents and is so light that children can easily handle it.