Tables in vintage design – aesthetic, functional, versatile

These vintage-style tables combine classic style with modern functionality. Coming in a coffee table, side table or serving trolley version, a table in this style is as visually appealing as it is practical. Take this extraordinary design into your home.

Materials used in vintage tables

Vintage imitations mostly use classic materials like wood. These may vary considerably depending on the style. Each piece of wood has a unique appearance due to its character. Materials like this may also be combined in various ways with others, such as metal. At the same time, this results in numerous options for mixing the style. Retro design and modern elements combine old charm with robust stability. Retro-style tables bring together the positive from “both worlds”. You can visually enhance your rooms and receive a durable piece of furniture, to use according to your needs. The table’s respective design determines its individual load capacity. Discover the many options these tables offer you. They are easy to set up and can be quickly integrated into the existing environment.

Tables for every spatial need

These tables are at home anywhere, for example as a living room table or as a kitchen table. It isn’t just that they visually enhance a room – they also serve a practical purpose. With a living room table, you not only get the appealing design but also storage space at the same time. The same applies to a side table or coffee table. These models are smaller and can be used even more flexibly in the room. This is also ensured by practical fixture details such as wheels under the table legs. In the kitchen, for example, you will be able to save space in storing kitchen utensils and have them immediately on hand. Each table satisfies your individual requirements for convenience.