Baby Vivo Playpen Lucy round with plastic mat

In choosing the easy-to-install Lucy Baby Vivo playpen, you’re opting for reliable safety for children from 6 months to 3 years old. An inner diameter of 150 cm provides ample space for undisturbed crawling in the round plastic playpen. Injuries from the pen are not to be feared thanks to the baby-friendly design and a soft mat. Stability and easy cleaning complete the quality profile for the attractively designed protective pen.

Safety for small children in the Lucy playpen

The Lucy playpen creates a well-protected area for babies and small children. Typical sources of danger such as stairs or an ultra-smooth floor are reliably eliminated. The playpen has no sharp edges. All corners are rounded so that little children cannot hurt themselves. The distance between the bars is small enough to ensure that babies can’t get through them. Small children’s hands fit comfortably between the bars and do not get stuck. In addition, a soft mat provides a cushioned surface for falls. Naturally, the pen complies with all the safeguarding provisions of the applicable European standard EN 71.

Playpen with very easy assembly

The safety gate consists of eight elements, which can quickly be put together to form a stable playpen and disassembled just as quickly. Easy installation provides flexibility and helps you save time. You can set up the safety gate regularly in different places. This is a great advantage in summer, for example, when small children need a sheltered area in the house, but often also in the garden.

Easy-to-clean safety gate in a beautiful design

The alternately grey and white elements of the playpen offer a harmonious, varied overall impression. This creates an attractive adventure area for the little ones in the pen. Additional advantage: The smooth surfaces make care and hygienic cleaning particularly easy for you.