Delicious grilling with a real barbecue feeling

Nowadays there are many options for your summer barbecue. But you still get the most authentic barbecue feeling with a solid charcoal grill. It starts when you’re lighting the fire. The campfire smell spreads across the garden or patio, and expectant people wait for classically grilled steaks, sausages, deliciously spicy, crispy poultry, and whatever else fits on the barbecue

Classic but still modern

A modern charcoal grill offers all the comfort you would expect from a barbecue today. A convincing example of this is the Strattore charcoal grill. This adjustable grill cart combines real grilling with state-of-the-art technical comfort. The Strattore charcoal grill is made of powder-coated iron according to the rules of the art of barbecuing. The grill is fitted with wheels and is always mobile. The grill is height-adjustable depending on type of use, and can be adjusted at any time using an external crank. Naturally it includes a built-in thermometer. With the right grate height and the right temperature, your food will always be cooked to perfection – be it meat, fish or vegetables. Barbecuing makes you thirsty – so the grill housing includes a bottle opener.

Easy to handle, easy to maintain

After grilling is before grilling. But in between, the grill also has to be cleaned. With the Strattore charcoal grill, cleaning is as easy as grilling itself. The removable grate and ample and durable storage options make grilling easy and fun. Waste disposal takes only a few steps with the collecting tray for ash. Everything about this grill is precisely crafted and all components are perfectly matched. The barbecue season can begin.