Thinking outside the box – the MY SIT desk and the flexibility it offers

A good desk should not just be a surface on which to put a laptop or notepad. The perfect desk accompanies us throughout our everyday lives and supports us – it provides storage space and comfort.

With the MY SIT corner desk, you will find just that – and even in smaller rooms, thanks to the clever angled combination.

Everything at hand in a comfortable setting

The desk gives you full flexibility when it comes to set-up through combination of the shelving and table surface. For example, you can easily set up the table and shelf space so as to be flush lengthways, creating an open desk combination that nestles flat against the wall.

If you prefer to work in the corner or are looking for a desk for tighter spaces, the angled combination can also be used to create a corner desk. The table surface is then simply placed on the sideboard, but you still have full access to books, documents and programmes (or of course games) on the shelf. When freestanding, you can also use the computer table with angled sideboard as a flush room divider, thus creating a visual separation without blocking the light. And of course, you can change the angle at anytime, and effortlessly – just lift it slightly, turn, and there you have it: a completely new desk for your office, study or teen’s bedroom. If needed, the table can even fold up completely.

Minimalist design – maximum space

The aesthetics of the desk impress thanks to the clear angle guide and its simplified forms. Work surface, shelving and supporting elements are made of melamine resin-coated panels, which make the perfect surface due to their smooth finish and robustness. Even those coffee stains that are typical at the end of a long day can thus be easily removed.

The sideboard offers both open and closed elements and is therefore not only useful storage, but also serves as a space for photos or plants. In the corner table set-up, especially, the sideboard can also be used as an additional shelf space.

The spacious table top offers enough room for writing documents by hand, drawing or working on a laptop or desktop PC.

The clear shape and design at the same time give you space to freely find your expression and help you to store everything you need ready to hand.

Its flexibility, in particular, though, due to the angle combinations, is what makes this computer desk so practical.