A practical shoe rack for the hallway

Sandals, boots, trainers; unfortunately, everyone owns a lot more shoes than they have pairs of feet. So where do you go about putting the pairs of shoes you don’t need to wear right now? Letting them lie around in the hallway is certainly not a good idea. It’s a great way to trip somebody up, and it becomes more difficult to clean the floor if there is always something in the way. In addition, the entrance area of the apartment or the house is the place that gives that all-important first impression. So a suitable organisation system must be found. The solutions range from the functional floor shelf to the lockable floor cabinet.

Storage options for your shoes

There are a lot of great ideas available about how to optimally store your shoes. For the pairs you use on an everyday basis, an open shoe rack in the entryway is a perfect choice. The footwear is immediately at hand and can also ventilate well. Good air circulation makes shoes durable and also prevents unpleasant odours. You can store models that you don’t need right now in a closed shoe cabinet. Sunlight and dust will have no chance.

A modern shoe rack to complement almost every furnishing style

If you are looking for a practical, solid and attractive alternative for storing your shoes, then a metal shoe rack is ideal. With its functional design and stable construction, it fits into any living environment and is also quick to assemble. Depending on how many pairs of shoes you want to store, you can choose between a different number of levels. And for even more space, it’s worth combining two shelves. Alongside or above – it doesn’t matter with these stackable models. The slim frame and the perforated shelves enhance the visual lightness of the stand and also ensure good air circulation.