A safe high chair for your baby

Your child is in good hands in a baby high chair! As soon as babies are able to sit, a high chair is suitable for the dining table. It makes it easier for you to feed your little one. It also helps you to enjoy shared meals. A high chair is also a practical solution when children want to be in the kitchen when you are preparing food. Babies can watch their parents cook but are still safely seated.

Special advantages of our children’s high chair

First-class workmanship with rounded elements and without sharp edges guarantees safe handling. The baby high chair is stable and durable. The soft upholstery ensures that your child can sit comfortably and safely in the high chair. The seat surface is also slightly reduced in size so that your baby can already sit in the high chair from about the age of five to six months. The five-point safety belt also ensures a high degree of safety. The removable footrest ensures comfortable sitting. If your child spills or creates a mess, you can easily remove the cushion and clean it. The tray is also removable and can be fixed in two different positions.

Safety standards and other possible uses for the baby high chair

This high chair for babies and small children is approved according to the current EN 14988:2017-11 safety standard. Installation is quick and easy – you can start using the baby high chair as soon as it arrives. Children sit at eye level while eating and enjoy being together with their parents! This high chair is also quite practical for older children. With this model, you can remove the leg extensions and continue to use the chair as a normal seat.

Treat yourself and your child to this practical and stylish high chair! The high chair will keep your child comfortable and safe during the first years of life. By the way: you can find more products in our range that can help make life with your baby much more pleasant and lovely!