Luis Children’s kitchen – elegant play kitchen from Baby Vivo

A play kitchen is a real highlight for many children, boys and girls alike. In the children’s kitchen, children can act out grown ups’ lives without danger and give free rein to their own imagination. The more realistic and beautiful a play kitchen looks, the more likely it is to be enjoyed by children. The Luis children’s kitchen is an excellent and stylish kitchen made of wood. It features bright colours and LED lamps for perfect realism.

Children like to act out real life

Children can learn an enormous amount by imitating and copying. It is therefore not surprising that children, especially younger ones, want to relive the everyday life of their parents. Be it with their own little office, their own car, or of course, their own play kitchen. The imagination of children knows no bounds. Behaviour is important because only in this way do children learn to understand and imitate many processes. Of course, you cannot let your child play freely in a real kitchen. After all, a normal kitchen is not only much too big but also harbours many dangers for children. The Luis children’s kitchen from Baby Vivo offers an ideal solution here. The kitchen is the optimal size for children to create their own personal everyday life.

More than just colourful wood

The Luis play kitchen is modelled after a real kitchen and is particularly loved by children because of its functions. Both the microwave and the extractor fan are equipped with LED lamps. The lighting effects provide a realistic experience for the children. The hotplates are also equipped with both light and sound effects, which greatly enhance the realism of the kitchen. Because both the oven and the microwave can be opened, children can recreate all facets of everyday life. The entire kitchen is made of sturdy wood and painted in a high-quality finish. Children can thus play in the kitchen for longer periods without leaving any visible traces.

Suitable for children from three years of age

Because of its size, the play kitchen is ideal for children from the age of three years. Additional batteries are required so that the light and sound effects can be used. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the kitchen can be easily installed in practically any children’s room, where it offers maximum stability and safety. Nothing more can stand in the way of joyful fun. The Luis play kitchen helps children to develop their own imaginations.

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