Flexible, foldable, and safe playpen

This plastic playpen from Baby Vivo scores high in all respects. The highlight: it’s foldable! All you have to do is pull it apart and then fold it up again. This playpen also meets high standards in all other important aspects such as safety.

The playpen can be used everywhere: with minimum effort for assembly and disassembly

The playpen consists of twelve side elements, a door element, and a play element. This sophisticated construction is delivered folded. You can use the playpen immediately. Pull the playpen apart, and set it up. No additional effort is required. An additional advantage is that this playpen doesn’t take up much space when stored. You can also transport it easily in your car. The low weight is a further advantage during transport. Foldable or securely assembled? There are many good reasons for a flexible and mobile playpen! There are no disadvantages associated with this. This model from Baby Vivo is characterised by its impressive stability and durability. It features high-quality materials and first-class workmanship.

The safety of your child is our top priority

Baby Vivo attaches great importance to the fact that there are no health risks for your toddlers in this playpen. Worries are unjustified because the developers of this model have considered all risks and taken the necessary steps to exclude them. There are only rounded elements – and no edges – on this playpen. At the same time, the distances between the bars are so small that no child’s head can fit through. Children cannot put their heads through and get stuck. The plastic is, of course, harmless to health. This playpen meets the strict safety standards of the EU in accordance with EN 71. You can rely on the manufacturer to carry out thorough checks on the playpens.

Child-friendly playpen for lying, crawling, and playing

In this playpen, your children will learn to move step by step. You don’t need to continuously watch your child; nothing can happen in the playpen. Entertainment is also provided. At the back of the playpen, there are three sliders for children to play with. The visual appearance is a further advantage. The beige and blue elements alternate. Furthermore, these individual elements will captivate your child’s imagination with attractive and child-friendly motifs such as clouds and stars. The entrance door also features a large smiling face.