Clamp awning with crank drive: customised sun protection

This awning is a real classic for all those who value efficient sun protection around their home. A balcony awning combines functionality, comfort and an attractive design to add real value to every property. Clamp awnings are particularly practical – especially when they are designed as folding arm awnings. This compact overview outlines the essentials for you.

Balcony awning: what does clamp awning mean?

A clamp awning is the ideal installation if you are planning on having an awning solution that can be implemented without drilling or screwing. The clamping mechanism means that you can easily clamp your awning between walls to mount it, without damaging the substance of the house in any way. Holes, dirt, drilling noise – you don’t get any of this with this type of balcony awning. Clamp awnings are therefore associated with optimum comfort right from the start.

The material of the awning is the be-all and end-all

Very careful thought was put into the development of both the frame and the fabric of the awning in terms of the materials used. The frame of the folding arm awning is wrought so as to stable and robust, for constant use. The top material is hard-wearing polyester, which is associated with a whole range of compelling advantages. The most important thing in this context is, of course, that polyester is weatherproof and can easily withstand heavy rain. The fabric also protects against UV radiation – the most important factor for covered sun protection. But the fabric itself also defies UV radiation, so it does not fade.

The advantages for you at a glance

In addition to the high-quality material of the awning, it is also quick to assemble and disassemble. Thanks to the clamping mechanism, this can also be carried out easily by laymen without tools. The balcony awning is also delightfully convenient to operate as well. For example, the folding arm awning is infinitely adjustable. This means that it can be used in a custom manner at any time, and therefore just as needed. For example, you can choose whether the awning should cast shade over the entire balcony or just a part of it. The controls are easy as pie: the crank drive makes adjustment very straightforward and does not require any technical knowledge.

Well advised, by experts

Do you have any questions about the clamp awning and the advantages it offers you? An awning solution for sun protection doesn’t just provide comfort for all those who live or work in a house. It is also an investment that adds value to any private or commercial property. If you are not sure which clamp awning is right for you, we will advise you with competence and in a customer-friendly manner. We greatly appreciate your interest in effective and attractive sun protection!