The MAXCRAFT pedal bin – a waste separator that’s a complete all-rounder

When you’re looking for a container for indoor waste, you need a well-developed product. An indoor waste bin must meet high quality standards in terms of functionality and practicality as well as durability and stability. Maintaining today’s hygiene standards is also imperative. And customers can rightly expect a bin to have a contemporary design that fits into their existing decor and is pleasing to look at.

With waste bins, practical things can also be decorative – the external appearance

The two-part MAXCRAFT bin with automatic lowering comprises of a stainless steel outer casing and the removable inner bin. The matt stainless steel casing repels dirt and fingerprints. As a high quality material, stainless steel is rustproof. Thanks to its special rectangular shape with a wide front and narrow sides, the waste bin can also be used in small rooms to save space. Thanks to its rounded edges, the gentle contours of the MAXCRAFT waste bin are also beautiful to look at. At the bottom, the stainless steel casing is replaced by  a plastic bottom, which ensures slip-free, everyday use.

Comfortable functionality – the most important thing for a waste bin

A waste bin is an indispensable object. It is the carefully planned refinements that make every-day use easy: the pedal is sturdy and runs along the front as a solid bracket. You can therefore always reach it easily with your foot and open the pedal bin by pressing it down gently. After putting in the waste, the cushioned automatic lowering prevents the pedal bin lid from slamming shut. The automatic lowering function ensures that the lid closes both gently and tightly at the same time. Made of sturdy plastic, the inner bin containing the waste is scratch resistance. This improves hygiene because no material can accumulate and makes cleaning easier. At the top, the inner bin has recessed grips on the sides to make it easy to remove and carry.

Flexible use – whether in the bathroom or kitchen, living room or office

The MAXCRAFT pedal bin with an inner bin can be used on its own or in addition to another waste separator. There are waste collection system that are equipped with several equal-sized inner bins for separating materials. In reality, however, there are often larger quantities of a certain type of waste than of others. Even then, the additional purchase of a single waste separator such as the MAXCRAFT pedal bin with inner bin and automatic lowering system is worthwhile.