Baby Vivo highchair – practicality that grows with your child

It’s the smallest members of the family in particular that take the greatest steps in development. In next to no time, they go from sitting independently to walking. And soon, the baby wants to sit at the dining table with the family. The Baby Vivo Design 2in1 highchair is the ideal solution. Because right from the start, it provides a safe place for your child at the family table. At the same time, the multi-functional baby chair can be converted from a highchair to a child’s chair. This way, you will always have the perfect seat for your child even after several growth spurts.

This practical combi-highchair can be used in many ways.

The Baby Vivo highchair 2in1 is designed so that it can be used appropriately in many situations. Straight out of the box, you will realise how easily and safely the baby chair can be assembled. The baby chair has a removable tray that you can use as a baby table. Simply remove the tray for use at the dining table. This allows the highchair to be pushed straight up to the table. Afterwards, you can simply put the tray back in the desired position. The removable hanging basket under the baby seat is suitable for storing bibs or toys. The most important feature is that the highchair can be converted into a normal child’s chair. To do this, simply remove the baby chair’s leg extensions. In this way, the Baby Vivo chair can accompany your child for several years.

Security, cleaning and care

It is good to know that you can securely fasten your child into the Baby Vivo high chair using the five-point safety harness. The rounded edges offer your baby a place where they cannot injure themselves. Thanks to the accompanying footrest, your baby can sit comfortably from the very beginning. Later they can climb into the highchair using the footrest itself. Naturally, the child’s chair complies with the current safety standard (EN 14988: 2017-11). To clean and care for the highchair, you can remove the upholstered seat and simply take off and wash the seat cover. The chair can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Baby Vivo highchair – the companion for the early years

The Baby Vivo Design 2in1 highchair is suitable for babies from the age of six months. However, your baby should already be able to sit upright independently. Thanks to the 2in1 function, your child can use the highchair for 3 years.