The Rex children’s slide – a dream for little dinosaur fans!

Every child loves to have their own slide! Our new Rex children’s slide is suitable as a garden slide or as a baby slide in children’s rooms. The stable climb up is modelled on a dinosaur. Children’s eyes light up when cute dino Rex moves into their home or garden!

The safe and stable toddlers’ slide from Baby Vivo

The Baby Vivo brand stands for child-appropriate play equipment. Safety is always of paramount importance with our products. The plastic slide is stable and suitable for children aged two years and above. However, you should not leave your child alone when using it. Even though the toddlers’ slide is secured against tipping over, your little ones may still need some help getting up to the top, especially at first. Bigger children get along just fine with the three steps, but, even then, a little supervision is still prudent.

The slide can be set up indoors or outdoors. It is quick and easy to install. The slide chute gets firmly screwed to the frame. We supply all assembly materials – you can set up the toddlers’ slide in just a few simple steps and in a short period of time.

The children’s slide works just as well in the living room as in the garden or on the terrace. Its high-quality plastic can withstand a small downpour now and again, but you should protect the garden slide against excessive sunlight and heavy rain.

A children’s slide with a dinosaur

Your baby will love the cute design the moment they set eyes on it. The friendly dinosaur and the beautiful colours are great eye-catchers in the garden or in children’s rooms. The ascent section is bright red, while the slide chute is grey. The dinosaur also stimulates the imagination and can be incorporated into lots of game ideas.

The garden slide promotes concentration and motor skills. During the climb up, it’s good to be careful: small children quickly learn how to hold on and how to find the steps correctly. Once up top, every child is proud: Made it! Now comes the most exciting part: sitting down and sliding down! Then the game starts all over again. Movement is a very important factor in order for your child to develop well. When playing, romping around, climbing and sliding, they can test out their abilities and develop a good sense of their bodies. The baby slide from Baby Vivo makes an important contribution to this!

Our children’s slide has a sophisticated technical design and is also checked and tested according to EN 71-1,2,3. The plastic polyethylene is resilient and free from harmful substances. The overall dimensions of the baby slide are 190 x 32 x 80 cm (LxWxH). We deliver the children’s slide directly to your home, so your child can have lots of fun with Rex the dinosaur and the amazing slide very soon!