Gizmo gaming table with colour-changing  LED lighting

This desk from MY SIT  offers everything a gamer’s heart desires. Thanks to the included extras, your hobby will become twice as pleasurable. This high-quality computer table, along with its equipment, ensures that you can concentrate undisturbed on the most important thing: your game! For example, the integrated colour-changing LED lighting creates an exclusive atmosphere in your study and allows you to immerse yourself even deeper in the world of gaming. With this unique lighting, you are guaranteed to maintain a good overview of things, and you can quickly and easily adapt the ambience in the room to your personal preferences.

The computer mount provides security

Do you sometimes get a little animated during the game? No problem with the Gizmo gaming table from MY SIT. The computer mount ensures that your PC will always stay securely in place and that the image does not blur. Vibrations, rapid movements or unintentional bumps can therefore no longer affect your game play with this desk from MY SIT. Enjoy the comfort, and take off carefree with Gizmo into the exciting world of computer games. The adjustable headset holder is another indispensable bonus for every avid gamer. Because it can be custom-adjusted, this accessory is equally suitable for all players.

Integrated cup holder to keep your drinks within reach.

The Gizmo computer table shortens distances for you and provides extra comfort. Thanks to the built-in cup holder, you always have your drinks to hand and you don’t have to leave the study in the middle of an exciting game to head to the fridge. The practical cup holder also guarantees the right level of hydration for every gamer. This way, you can treat yourself to some refreshment at any time without distraction, even when things are hotting up in the game. Your drink will be safely stored, and neither your computer nor the accessories will ever again suffer a sorry end due to tipped-over cups or glasses.

Desk with practical cable management

With the gaming table from MY SIT, cluttered cables in your computer room will be a thing of the past. The desk, with a computer mount and colour-changing LED lighting, has two holes on the back for this purpose. These openings allow you to manage your cables well and thus create order around your computer desk. Your study will look tidy, you will maintain an overview of things, and you can say goodbye to annoying tangles. For even more convenience, you can also control the colour changes of the LED lighting by remote control. With its extensive range of accessories and special features, the Gizmo gaming table thus creates the ideal basic setting for every passionate gamer.