Newspage Bycicle Trailer Price-Performance Winner

For many families, bicycle trailers for children constitute an important addition or alternative to the car. They replace the classic luggage carrier-child’s seat. Parents can transport their children in a fun and environmentally-friendly manner. At the same time, children are protected against things such as rain, wind and falls. has tested various models and identified the best. The price-performance winner with the grade of ‘Very Good’ comes from the brand SAMAX.

A bike trailer with numerous functions for any situation.

The SAMAX bike trailer is a “2in1 Jogger”. While it can be pulled by a bike, it can also be used by joggers who want to take their children out on runs with them. This model can be reconfigured in just a few steps. It can be reconfigured without the use of tools.


A coupling is used to mount the trailer to an adult bike. it then becomes a two-wheeler, offering the necessary stability. A bright red signal light shows nearby traffic that the bike is followed by a trailer.


If the product is reconfigured into the three-wheel jogger, the coupling is removed and a small front wheel attached. The pushing aid can be kept on the rear at all times. On it there is a convenient handbrake which allows the parents pushing the trailer to stay relaxed even on slopes.


The bicycle trailer can also be taken apart to save space. It then becomes small enough to fit either on a shelf in the garage or in the boot. If desired, the trailer can be taken on holiday or to your favourite jogging or walking spot further afield.

A safe space for small fellow travellers goes without saying at SAMAX

The interior has space for one or two children aged 18 months and up and, together with other luggage, can hold a maximum weight of 20 kilograms. A small storage space for light luggage has been included in the area behind the seats; this comes in addition to two side pockets next to the seats. Parents can use this to store things like books to entertain the children and keep them occupied during the trip.

The passengers are well protected by belts, a sturdy steel frame, and a roll bar. The high-quality suspension which flexibly compensates for unevenness on the road is a further advantage. The cover is made from two layers. One layer provides space for plentiful air exchange with its integrated fly screen which also keeps insects and small stones away, while the other consists of a transparent, but sturdy film. Sitting under this ensures that the children travelling with you don’t get wet when it rains.

Our recommendation for your family: The price-performance winner chosen by us

The SAMAX bicycle trailer meets all the important requirements placed on this category by – and at a fair price at that. This model rightly holds the title of price-performance winner. It weighs 20 kilograms without any load and is suitable for all bicycles with the exception of electric bicycles and pedelecs.