The Space bookshelf from Baby Vivo is a thrill for children.

This decorative shelf will delight your children. The Space bookshelf can be rotated 360 degrees and is therefore particularly easy for your child to use. Thanks to its age-appropriate design, the rotating shelf can be easily integrated into any children’s room. With this innovative piece of furniture, your child will enjoy reading their books all the more. After reading and browsing, order and neatness can be quickly restored to the children’s room. Thanks to the practical rotating function, your child can stow away their books quickly and independently. Since the wooden shelf is particularly robust and stable, it is ideal for little bookworms. Alternatively, you can store toys or music CDs in the practical rotating shelf.

Create order and neatness in the nursery

The bookshelf doesn’t need much space. It is therefore ideal for smaller children’s rooms. With this rotating shelf, you can store your children’s books and toys in a space-saving manner. Order and neatness are brought to the children’s room, making it really cosy. The round bookshelf is accessible from all sides. It has wooden floors on two levels. These are extra robust and stable. The Baby Vivo bookshelf also offers creative compartments in the form of bookends. This makes it even easier to create order and neatness in the nursery.

Child-friendly and colourful design

The creative paintwork makes the Baby Vivo shelf especially popular with children. Easy assembly permits quick installation. The bookshelf transforms the reading corner in the children’s room into a pretty spot in no time. Since the piece of furniture is a rotating shelf, your child can easily access any of their books or toys. The top level can also be used as a storage area. The design with fun and colourful motifs is child-friendly and makes the Baby Vivo bookshelf a real eye-catcher. The simple assembly is another advantage of this elegant wooden furniture. After delivery, it is quickly assembled and enriches the children’s room. Since the bookshelf is robust and stable, it is ideal for young bookworms.