The Baby Vivo Premium playpen made of high-quality pine wood

The wooden playpen from the renowned Baby Vivo brand is an all-rounder. First and foremost, the playpen offers protection for your child and, at the same time, takes on important functions. In addition, the wooden playpen convinces with its easy assembly and great properties, which make it a popular product in the children’s furniture segment.

Simple assembly and dismantling for solutions that are always flexible – 8 elements offer variety for individual needs

The 8 elements in total – consisting of seven elements that are part of the fencing and one element for the door – can be flexibly assembled into a wide variety of shapes – including easy assembly and dismantling. Depending on what you want and the space you have available, you can create a square or polygon and individually harmonise it with other furniture in your children’s room. In addition to using it as a playpen as intended, you can also use its individual parts as a barrier to protect your baby. This really pays off for sensitive areas such as stairways or doors that have to be secured separately. To accommodate the optical component in terms of designing children’s rooms, the playpen can also be used as a room divider.

Slip-resistant and with a special locking mechanism – always be one step ahead with Baby Vivo’s wooden playpen

The wooden playpen offers you and your child the best protection. Its rubber feet make it slip-resistant. This means that the playpen cannot slip even when your child is a little more active or tries to pull itself up on the bars. The special locking mechanism has been designed in such a way that the door can be opened on both sides. As soon as the door is locked again, your baby can no longer open it on its own.

Playpen made of pine wood – fun, high-quality, sustainable furniture for children

This furniture for kids made of pine wood not only impresses with its high-quality appearance but also fully complies with sustainability considerations as the material it is made of is environmentally friendly. In addition, the playpen is a standardised product that is manufactured in accordance with all relevant safety standards. The raw wood was separately sealed again with varnish so as to make sure that your child is never at risk of injuring itself with wood splinters. There are also no sharp edges or pointed corners and the connecting elements are interlocked in a special way. Benefit from great protection with this model. The wooden playpen is intended for kids up to 3 years of age. Despite the great safety feature, your child must always be supervised during use! Bank on safety and a visual highlight by purchasing this playpen.

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