This wooden dressing table is a great piece of furniture for the children’s room!

Girls can have a lot of fun doing their hair and make-up. It’s even more fun if your daughter has her own children’s dressing table with a matching stool. Baby Vivo is now offering a beautiful dressing table in the favourite colour of pink along with a matching stool. Surprise your child with this stylish chest of drawers in a child-friendly design. This high-quality, stable children’s dressing table is a great gift for children aged three and over. Your daughter’s or granddaughter’s friends will also be thrilled to put on their make-up and explore new hairstyles together, adding fun to a playful afternoon.

The dressing table is characterised by its enchanting design and high-quality workmanship.

The children’s dressing table is made of real pine wood and painted in pink and rose. Its graceful shape, with curved legs, is reminiscent of the baroque furnishings in a fairy-tale castle, stimulating the imagination, so that those first times of putting on make-up quickly give the sense of being a princess dressing up for a ball. The three-part folding mirror is adorned with a decorative gold-coloured crown, as is the practical drawer. The glass of the mirror is unbreakable and shatterproof. The manufacturer has also taken account of safety with its other features. A rounded corner on each side ensures that children will not injure themselves while playing.

There is plenty of space in the drawer for make-up items. The shelf is also useful, allowing your daughter to store combs, hair ornaments and other accessories within easy reach. As soon as the dressing table has arrived at your home, there is just the task of easily assembling it, and then the fun can begin. Whether it is for role play or simply if your child wants to comb her hair or experiment with lipstick and eye shadow, this dressing table made of real wood is sure to be well received!

If you are looking for a great gift for your daughter, granddaughter or godchild, this dressing table from Baby Vivo is just the thing. It is suitable for children from the age of three. For girls who enjoy putting on make-up, this children’s dressing table with stool is an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, when starting kindergarten, or for the beginning of school. The children’s dressing table by Baby Vivo is a beautiful eye-catcher for the children’s room. Your daughter can spend hours putting on makeup and doing her hair!

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