Titan Gaming Desk with LED lighting – stylish desk with changing colours

When you’re furnishing a gaming room, you should always take maximum care with your desk, because the computer desk doesn’t just need to be robust and resilient, it should attract attention as a centrepiece as well. The desk also needs to provide enough space to allow you to manage cables in an optimal and elegant manner. The Titan Gaming Desk makes an impression thanks to its sophisticated design and versatile functions.

Easy cable management and sufficient space

Good cable management is key for computer desks. If possible, cables should be hardly visible. And it’s cable management that sets this desk apart from the others. This is because it features two holes for double cable management as well as its own box to allow cables to be properly organised and sorted. This ensures cables are kept out of sight and the gaming desk remains the centre of attention. As modern gamers rarely manage with only one monitor, this desk offers sufficient space and capacity for two large screens, ensuring the entire game remains in view and allowing elements such as the chat to be viewed separately.

Extras such as a mouse pad, headphone holder and a cup holder for more comfort.

The Titan Gaming Desk also offers a number of advantages when it comes to comfort. Freely mountable cup and headphone holders ensure that the most important elements are always within reach when you’re gaming. No matter which side these two elements are mounted to, the cup and headphone holder remain stable and impressive thanks to their size and fit.

What’s more, to ensure you can game on your new gaming desk with the highest possible precision, a robust and stylish mouse pad is also included which offers sufficient space to aim accurately with the mouse even during the toughest of fights. All in all, this is a gaming desk with both class and a wealth of features.

PC holder and LED lighting – everything within reach

The central element on a gaming desk, the PC, should also be easily accessible. To ensure this, the Titan Desk has its own PC holder, which can be mounted on either side. This lets you decide which side of the desk your PC should be mounted on. Mounting the PC in this way is also beneficial as the PC in the PC holder will be supplied with the optimal amount of air, which can prevent the system from overheating. And to keep the eye entertained, the Titan Gaming Desk is also equipped with its own LED lighting with remote control. Choose between different colours or set the colours to change using the remote control. This turns the computer desk into a visual highlight in the room and makes it an eyecatcher at all times.

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