Convenient Strattore Solar Showers for the outdoor season

What is more refreshing in the summer than relaxing under a garden shower after sweaty work in the garden or after sunbathing on your own lawn? The simplest solution here is a solar shower.

How does a solar shower work?

A significant advantage it offers is its variable set-up. You are not reliant on chargeable electricity to operate them. The sun heats the water to a comfortable temperature. Depending on the intensity and duration of the sun’s rays, the shower water can heat up to as much 60°C. The sun’s rays hit the solar cells built into the solar shower. This is a very efficient way of tapping into free solar energy. The heated water is stored in a spacious UV water tank. Those taking a shower can regulate the water temperature as required to suit their different needs. Even just taking a cold shower is no problem, as the water supply is very easy to connect to the garden hose. Thanks to the large capacity of the water tank, several people can enjoy the shower one after the other. You can be sure that both family and friends will appreciate the convenience of a solar shower. In order for several people to be able to enjoy a warm shower one after the other, you should set up your garden shower in the sunniest corner of your garden.

Pool shower

For those who have their own backyard pool, a pool shower is a very handy way to keep the pool water as clean as possible. Using a pool shower removes sweat and dirt before splashing or swimming in the pool. Children also get used to these hygiene rules as a matter of course.

Foot shower

Most fans of the fresh air love to walk barefoot on the lawn or garden path. But there is not always time for a shower after a long day of work in the garden. This is where the great benefits of a foot shower come into play. There is a tap integrated into the shower frame, which you can use to clean dirty feet quickly and easily. Rubber boots can also be cleaned easily in this way. When planting or watering, the watering can can be conveniently filled under the spout of the tap. Dog owners may also occasionally like to use the foot shower to clean their pet’s fur. You can then easily remove dirt residues with the garden hose.

The Strattore Solar Shower can be securely attached to the ground using the solid metal base supplied. Dismantling it again at the end of the gardening season is just as easy as setting it up. If the shower is to be stored in the garden over the winter, the water must be completely drained from the system before the start of the winter season to prevent frost damage. The body of the elegant solar shower is made of UV-resistant plastic. Simple assembly and disassembly allow easy transport. The Solar Shower from Strattore is also ideal as a refreshing shower when camping. Its large, swivelling rain-shower head leaves nothing to be desired, even when travelling.

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