Dressing table with stool and mirror: a stylish place of well-being for personal beauty care

Those who regularly apply make-up and conjure up fine hair-dos to hit the town know how important it is to have a steady hand in a relaxed atmosphere. What’s more, make-up and hairdressing are rituals for many, promote well-being and can really be celebrated to the fullest. This dressing table in elegant white with gold shows itself off as an extraordinary piece of furniture that provides the right setting for your next make-up session. At the same time, you can use the dressing table with its separate mirror as a place for doing your hair. A stool transforms the dressing table into your new favourite place.

Dressing table for hair styling & make-up: high quality in a timeless design

Designed in purist white and luxurious gold, this dressing table for make-up and hairstyling stands out for its discreet yet expressive look. Whether for a modern living landscape or to complement a vintage interior: due to the timeless colour scheme, the dressing table goes excellently with different furnishing styles. Set some tasteful touches in your bedroom or dressing room with the simple but high-quality workmanship of this dressing table.

Elegant dressing table with drawer: functional and in different designs

There are two different versions of the dressing table that you can buy. The two models differ with regard to the following aspects:

– The material

– The drawer

– The design of the feet

Do you want to store your make-up utensils, jewellery and one or two secret items in just a single drawer? If so, you can turn to the dressing table with imitation leather and gold ornamentation. The drawer offers you extensive storage space, and you can also store somewhat larger utensils in it. The feet of this model are placed on the inside and bulge outwards.

If you want to add more structure to your make-up arsenal, jewellery and accessories, you can opt for the wooden dressing table with two drawers. Thanks to the outwardly rounded feet, which are attached to the outer edges of the dressing table, you can enjoy even more legroom with the wooden model.

All-in-one solution: dressing table set for hair and make-up with stool and mirror

The Makika dressing table comes in a practical set with a round mirror and a faux leather stool in a cylindrical shape. Since the equally timeless thin-framed mirror and stool are included in the set, you will be doing your make-up in future with well-designed equipment all from a single source.

With the dressing table by Makika, the laborious search for make-up, hair styling utensils and jewellery is finally a thing of the past.

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