Our History

  • 2021

    With the installation of numerous solar panels on the roofs of the warehouses, the electricity consumption was converted to a 100% sustainable resource. MA Trading was able to meet its ecological goals far beyond expectations.
  • 2020

    Thanks to successful expansion, numerous new partnerships were concluded this year. MyToys, Edeka or Galeria are just a few of the many new sales partners that we are proud to welcome.
  • 2022

    Our range has been focused on products with a strong, natural ability to regenerate, which has significantly improved the sustainability of our value chain.
  • 2018

    Opening of the first branch office in China. From now on, this will allow quality controls to be chacked out on site in accordance to the German standards and will ensure the continuous optimization of supply chains.
  • 2017

    As there were record sales in 2016, the number of employees rises again and we open up new warehouse capacities.
  • 2016

    We look at 2016 with pride it is the year with the biggest business volume to this point.
  • 2015

    Due to the permanently growing array of articles, logistics grows as well. We develop and expand new logistics partnerships.
  • 2014

    Within just one year, MA Trading doubles its sales figures for the first time.
  • 2013

    With all our new employees, we are able to expand our international sales channels. Consequently, our range of products increases.
  • 2012

    As the number of employees rises, we move again and rent new, bigger office spaces.
  • 2011

    The company expands constantly and opens new channels of distribution in Europe. Due to our rapid growth, we outsource logistics and collaborate with a new logistics service provider.
  • 2010

    By now, logistics has doubled, as well as the number of the enterprise’s employees.
  • 2009

    New MY SIT office chairs conquer the Amazon market. Ever since then the established Amazon marketplaces can no longer be imagined without them.
  • 2008

    We constantly expand our portfolio and conclude the registration of several trademarks for different market segments. As a result, the company gets into selling on five different Amazon platforms as well.
  • 2007

    With our new and innovative in- and outdoor playpens, Baby Vivo – one of MA Trading’s brands – becomes the market leader in this area.
  • 2006

    MA Trading enters into new collaborations with new business partners on several continents.
  • 2005

    Our warehouse capacity increases threefold due to the company’s logistical growth.
  • 2004

    To give our employees more room to work and be creative we improve our workplace environment by moving the company into larger premises.
  • 2003

    Due to direct importing from Asia we can now offer even more attractive articles to our customers.
  • 2002

    We establish business connections with partners in Asia and consequently start new collaborations.
  • 2001

    MA Trading grows and the number of employees is rising.
  • 2000

    Launch of the company’s first online shop.
  • 1999

    Alpay Mutu establishes the company and starts selling products on the marketplace eBay.de.



We were always interested in the idea of developing an enterprise that does business worldwide and at the same time has satisfied customers to show.
That is why we work hand in hand with our suppliers and our customers. It is a team effort to reach our goal.



Our team creates new products with great and extensive care. A longer development phase as well as several different projects are unavoidable – and that is okay.
We will only launch fully developed products. Not only are our own ideas incorporated in this process, but our customers’ numerous feedback as well.



After a period of research the time has come. A new product was developed. However, numerous security tests will be conducted before manufacturing starts. Production will start only after a satisfying result has been achieved. We will then offer the new product appropriately packaged and ready for sale on several platforms for buyers all over Europe.