Fir trees and screens – high-quality synthetic merchandise by MA Trading

It is never too early to think about Christmas. However, be safe and choose an artificial Christmas tree by MA Trading. The tree is available in a size of 180 cm and 210 cm, you can align its branches at will and a firm foot is included in delivery as well. An artificial tree will not shed its needles and you avoid having a wooden, flammable source of danger. This will protect you and your family during Advent season, because drying trees in living spaces regularly cause the need for fire-fighting operations. First you pocket profits financially and then nature as well ecologically. The artificial Christmas tree is very durable – you can use it repeatedly for the most wonderful time of the year. No tree needs to be chopped down again. For customers who care about the environment the fir trees by MA Trading will be just the ticket. With the sightscreens of our selection, you can avoid glances into your privacy quickly and reasonably priced. Conveniently packaged rolls will arrive easily at your home and you can readily put them up. Our screens are especially recommendable if you live in a flat or home for rent because you do not need to carry out any structural alterations.

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Cell phone cases and covers – dress your smartphone well

Enhance your mobile phone with chic accessories like phone covers or cases by MA Trading. We offer optical highlights for the most popular phones – iPhone and Samsung – with trendy colors and appealing designs. Of course, they are a perfect fit for your phone and feel comfortable and natural in your hands; your phone will still be easy to operate. The whole keyboard and all connections specific to your phone are still accessible and handling it will not be limited. As it is now impossible to image mobile phones without camera and photoflash, those accessory cases and covers are equipped with corresponding cutouts, which do not obscure the optical and lens system. The new appearance of your phone will be striking, but you will use it imperceptibly. You will not carry any extra weight around as the covers and cases are light as a feather and only weigh about 25 grams. Comfort needs to be practical as well. Gold-, chrome-colored and faux leather cell phone covers and mobile phone cases are our offers for everyone, who is looking for a real eye-catcher.

Buddha sculpture – embodiment of a profound belief

As a decoration or as a symbol of a religious belief – if you decide on a statue of Buddha you can achieve both of those effects. Building or erecting a Buddha sculpture is considered a good deed according to the belief. There are benefits for your private life as well. It will bring peace and serenity into your home and your life if you pause for a moment when passing and linger in front of the sculpture.