Samax – sporting goods and recreational products for all ages

Sporting goods and recreation-oriented products by SAMAX offer a lot of fun and flexibility and excellent value for money. You will find convenient articles in the realm of mobility, sports and recreation. Are you looking for a low priced and robust handcart for different purposes, or a useful bike trailer for long or short trips in the city or overland? Scooters and even popular longboards are part of the SAMAX selection as well. You can browse the wide range and discover your favorite article for children or adults.



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SAMAX handcart – the latest generation of our market leader!

In our category of leisure products, we offer an especially favored transportation article. Those handcarts are convenient as well as serviceable for an off-road use. As a real space saver, those wheels can be used to transport your tools, crates, luggage or shopping. Those carts are very practical for touring with the whole family; they fold up easily and quickly. It is spacious enough for everything you might need for a picnic, toys or whatever you wish to bring. Adults will find uses for the handcarts for sports or recreation as well. As an all-purpose transportation device on wheels, its range of applications is extensive and reaches far beyond just Father’s Day.

Sport and leisure with SAMAX – bike trailers

There are plenty of possible uses for SAMAX’s extensive range of products. We offer special bike trailers that can be used to transport different items. For example, the barbecue equipment for an evening at the lake as well as sporting goods that otherwise cannot be carried on a bike. Furthermore, we offer several bike trailers, which are usually used to transport infants or smaller children. With one of those sturdy trailers you will be on your way faster than before, they are also more mobile than a stroller is. As it is fitting for sports goods, those practical trailers can also be workout devices – 2-in-1 is its catchword. Depending on the model that you chose, it is possible to use the trailer without a bicycle as a pushchair. With this type, both will have fun: adults and children.

Fun products by SAMAX – scooters, longboards and many more

SAMAX’s longboards are perfect to cruise around on easily. They are suitable as a beginner’s board for adults or kids alike. As a popular article for sports and leisure, our robust, cool board’s design matches a skater’s preference. City scooters by SAMAX provide great fun on the road. Additionally you will quickly reach your destination without using a car. Besides, you can also find even more offers for sports and recreation. A real highlight for your garden are our popular trampolines. The young and the young-at-heart can really let off steam with this sports equipment – all SAMAX articles guarantee fun and entertainment.