Security and comfort for your pet – by zoomundo

zoomundo is a manufacturer of quality pet supplies. Our range of products includes a wide selection of articles that are indispensable as far as a safe and comfortable transportation of your pet is concerned. Additionally we offer robust solutions for accommodating your pup. The options also include important equipment like transport boxes, animal cages and a very practical puppy area. With zoomundo we focus on the needs of dogs and dog owners alike, our array of products takes care of important things like safety and the best possible comfort for your beloved four-legged friend.


If you are looking for a robust transport box for your dog, you will surely find one that is appropriate – may you be a dog owner or a hobby dog breeder. You will find a vast range of high-grade products with zoomundo.


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Puppy areas – a safe and practical placement for your baby dog

Both dog owners and hobby dog breeders are overjoyed when their beloved pet is expecting progeny. It is best if you take care of all the necessary equipment right away, to be able to look after the little pups properly. Besides good food, thorough and loving care is essential. At the same time, regular and close contact with humans is an important requirement so that the small puppies can thrive. Appropriate pet supplies play a big role in this. For those times when you cannot constantly supervise the little wild ones a puppy area is a good way to keep them under control. This practical fencing device limits the dog’s movement and therefore safety hazards while still allowing for plenty of very important free moving space.

The play area by zoomundo was devised in a way as not to impede the development of the dogs’ motor skills, and as soon as the dogs are a bit bigger, they can play together inside the fence as well. As an important pet supply article, those pet areas are especially indispensable outside. When using them the small bumbling offspring cannot slip away and they are protected from commonplace dangers like for example road traffic.

Pet supplies for transportation – transport boxes and animal cages

One of the most important pieces of equipment for pets is a robust transport box or a practical animal cage. Whenever your pet accompanies you on the road in your car, a transport box is indispensable. That applies to both cats and dogs. Inside a car, safety of humans and animals always takes precedence. Using a dog box or an animal cage by zoomundo your four-legged friend will be well-protected during your journey. Robust aluminum bars and a door latch provide security and it is very easy and comfortable to get in and out through the door. Those boxes are available in different sizes and designs, so that you can choose the one that suits you and your dog best. In addition to pet supplies for transporting and accommodating dogs, zoomundo offers practical solutions for cats as well. Our selection includes an indispensable cat tree as well, of course offered with our usual excellent price-performance ratio.