Successful together – the corporate philosophy of MA Trading

Successful together : This is at the core of MA Trading’s corporate philosophy. Using the individual skills of our employees, the proficiency of our partners and suppliers and the ideas and wishes of our customers, we create a coherent whole that is by far more than just the sum of its parts.

Today, we are able to look back on over 20 successful years since our company was first founded in 1999. Many things have happened in this time, and many adjustments had to be made in the constantly changing landscape of online trading. However, time has changed nothing in the heart of our collaborative approach. Nor will it in the future.

Enriching everyday life

Our range of products is entirely dedicated to the everyday needs of our customers. As we grow, we keep our focus on useful, everyday items: It helps us keep our feet on the ground and remain committed to the realities of life of our customers. All our energy and enthusiasm is devoted to making our consumers’ everyday lives a bit better and a bit more pleasant.

Continuous adaptation and expansion of our product range

As a forward-looking company, we work diligently to adapt and expand our offer. Over time, our effors have resulted in the creation of a wide assortment of high quality products from which our in-house brands have also evolved. We have divided these into different categories and subcategories:

  • Under Baby & Child you will find furniture and toys for children.
  • Home & Garden offers a range of items for indoors and outdoors.
  • The Sports & Leisure category is dedicated to fun and fitness.
  • Under Animal World you will find everything for your dear pet.
  • Desks and the like are available in the Office
  • If you are a hobby craftsman, then the DIY Department is the right section for you.
  • The Electronics category offers numerous technical devices and innovations.

Always open to feedback

We consider customer feedback an essential tool for optimising our products. With a lively feedback, we have the opportunity to modify and adapt our range to the customer’s requests. This ensures that our offers are in line with the times and with market demands. The concise positioning of our products in the online market proves the success of our customer-oriented approach.

High quality at attractive prices

Before we sell a product, it undergoes a careful examination so that it can be optimally designed for the purpose it was meant to fulfil. Our consistently high quality creates trust among our customers. Although to offer high quality at a low price is a contradiction in itself, we have nevertheless been able to combine the two in a positive way. Countless reviews and ratings confirm that the excellent price-performance ratio of our offers is particularly well received by our customers.

Fast delivery, satisfactory customer service

An uncomplicated and safe ordering process and a fast delivery of orders are two additional benefits that we want to make available to our customers. And this is also important: We are always there for you should you have any questions or suggestions. We take the time that’s necessary to give you a satisfactory answer and to show you the best possible solution where it’s needed. This approach distinguishes MA Trading from many other competitors.

Dedicated team with a multicultural background

We at MA Trading are proud of our international team and its cultural diversity. The large number of different perspectives enables us to select the best solutions from a multifaceted pool of creative ideas. We attach great importance to the fact that every member of the team be able to develop optimally.

This gives him or her the opportunity to fully exploit their individual potential. Part of the corporate culture of MA Trading also ensures that no team member ever loses sight of the big picture. Personal responsibility, team spirit, respect and trust are ingredients we combine in the recipe of our success.

Whether you are an existing customer or a new one makes no difference: MA Trading is always there for you.