Advertisement Sales Manager


In this position, you will get the chance to shape our sales division.

As sales manager, you will oversee all our selling processes and serve as a link to the sales team.

Implementing all sales activities will be your line of action.

  • Support the team to reach our growth target
  • Calculate new selling prices after a detailed market analysis
  • Create, manage and analyze campaigns on all platforms
  • Actively observe sales quantities
  • Conduct market observations
  • Win over and support wholesalers
  • Bring your own ideas to arrange for more efficient processes, to use resources in a better way and to address customers systematically



  • Your area is diversified and interesting
  • Your field offers a lot of scope for development and personal responsibility as well as range for shaping you own purview
  • Due to quick decision-making, you will work directly with the management and your input will be visible and important across the whole company
  • We cultivate a casual working atmosphere, the team is young and dynamic



  • It would be ideal if you already had several years of experience as a successful sales manager
  • You solve problems, possess strong analytical skills, very good time management and you like to work on your own responsibility and in a well-organized way
  • You can draw on well-developed interpersonal and networking skills
  • Complex problems do not discourage you, but spur you on to think them through in an organized way and then to plan ahead and prioritize sensibly
  • Communication is essential: You are articulate, convincing and able to juggle with words to always argue compellingly


Do you recognize yourself in this position? IS THIS YOU?

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