Comfortable features for your bathroom by GAJO

The bathroom is usually where you start and end your day. That is why it should be a room you feel comfortable in. It is about more than just grooming, body care and personal hygiene – you also relax and feel the pressure of daily life lifting. High-quality bathroom furnishing by our brand GAJO enhances your space and creates a pleasing environment. Products of excellent quality, may it be a shower panel or a heating device, provide comfort. Fit your bathroom with everything that you need for your own well-being!


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For DIY enthusiasts: Practical, functional and beautiful bathroom furnishings

Are you planning a new bathroom from the scratch, for example when building your own home or doing an extensive reconstruction? Or do you just want to improve some smaller details? GAJO offers well-thought-out solutions. Should you wish to take matters into your own hands and replace the shower drain or install a new heating, high-quality articles by GAJO will satisfy you due to their sophisticated technique and their shapely design. After installation, you will be able to enjoy a pleasing atmosphere, versatile functions and a modern look in your bathroom.

GAJO offers the following articles for your bathroom

A shower and a bathtub are both part of the basic furnishings of a bathroom. For both of those you will find plenty of offers from GAJO. A shower panel with several functions and a large head will wake you up in the morning. Various designs and materials leave nothing to be desired. GAJO uses high-grade materials like plastic, PVC, aluminum or brass for its shower panels. You can choose the model that fits seamlessly into your bathroom! A shower drain is particularly suitable for an unblocked drainage. Should you look for a solution for an accessible, barrier-free shower one of our drains is the perfect answer. Even in this case we offer many options.

A heating is an essential element in keeping the desired temperature in your bathroom. Our classy heaters will provide a feel-good atmosphere as well. Especially convenient: You can also hang your towels on them to pre-warm or dry. Very soon, you will no longer want to do without a heated tower rail. GAJO offers heating units in different shapes and sizes – you will find one that can be accurately fitted into your bath.

High-quality treatment – GAJO brings joy!

Our bathroom furnishings by GAJO build a base for a well-equipped room. Our articles offer more comfort. You will experience how much your bathroom will profit from adding a high-quality shower panel. The manufacturer guarantees a thorough handling, the use of robust materials and a long service life for all products. Bathroom articles by GAJO are especially designed for the use in wet rooms. That is why even after many years, you will still be able to enjoy your products.