A nice toy for the hairy four-legged friends.

A cat tree is a very important piece of furniture for the cat, because it has a natural urge to scratch with its sharp claws. To this end the cat looks for all conceivable suitable belongings and objects. A domestic cat, whose habitat and hunting ground is mainly the living space of humans, also likes to scratch (upholstered) furniture, carpets, wallpaper and other furnishings to the chagrin of the home owners. This does, however, not need to be so. With an attractive cat scratching tree you give your cat its own piece of furniture, which becomes its absolute favourite for comfortable scratching. We offer you various excellent scratching trees from zoomundo, whose multi functionally offers your house tiger not only optimal scratching surfaces, but also opportunities to play  and several hiding places as well as places to sleep, cuddle and to observe events in the surroundings.

Cat scratching – an elementary natural need.

Cats are naturally predators that roam, climb, hunt, fight, catch and kill their prey. Domestic cats possess and retain this very particular hunting instinct. Their instruments are their sharp, retractable, sickle-shaped and forward curved claws, which can be used as tools, as hunting weapons, as defence weapons, for gripping, for marking and as clamps and climbing hooks for holding when climbing up and descending.

The cat’s claws consist of horn and several layers. The claws grow permanently and become worn. It is a natural need for the cat to sharpen its claw horn and to care for their nails. To keep their claws sharp, clean, stable and functional, to shorten and to remove the outer layers of dead nails, cats have the continuous urge to scratch, whereby the claw horn is worn away. In nature and in the wild, for example, they scratch trees or grind their nails while climbing and running on hard ground. In living rooms a cat tree is the ideal means to allow domestic cats to scratch their nails properly and to keep them away from other objects in this respect.