The garden swing provides fun and exercise for children

Your child always feels good in the garden! You provide the kids great playground equipment with a single swing or double swing. You will find swings from us, which fulfil all expectations, visually and in terms of technical safety. The garden becomes a play paradise! Classic playground equipment such as a swing, a slide or a sandbox create an environment in which children have a lot of fun!

The garden swing with a sturdy frame

The frame of a Baby Vivo children’s swing is made of sturdy metal. The material is robust, weatherproof and durable. The comfortable seat is made of a high quality plastic and is attached to strong ropes. The seat is washable. So that the garden swing does not tip, fix the playground equipment with hooks in the ground. All individual parts are equipped with rounded corners, so the risk of injury is virtually eliminated. The children’s swing can be assembled quickly and easily. Put the individual elements together for this and secure everything with screws. Despite the safe construction, the swing should only be used under supervision.

Ideal for one or two children: single swing or double swing with a solid finish

The single swing is suitable for a child from three years and holds a weight of up to 40 kilograms. In the double swing, two individual seats hang side by side. Each swing seat can be loaded with a weight of up to 40 kilograms, for a total of 80 kilograms. For particularly sturdy fixing, it is necessary that the frame of the double swing is embedded in concrete. The finish complies with the current safety regulations for a child, as in the children’s swing. The ropes of the children’s swing can be individually adjusted in length. Young children can reach the seat without help if the seat hangs low enough. A distance to the ground is ideal when your child can reach the ground well with his feet.

Swinging is fun and supports your child!

Create a nice, stimulating environment for play, so your child can enjoy the time outdoors. The movement during swinging promotes motor skills and the sense of balance. At the same time, children learn to hold on tight and find the right momentum. The swings also provide relaxation and balance.