High-quality swing frame made of plastic for toddlers

With this children’s swing from the Baby Vivo brand manufacturer, you will give your toddler (between one and three years of age) enormous pleasure. Swings are among the most popular play equipment among small children. Thanks to this attractive swing, your little ones will no longer have to wait for a visit to the playground. You can place your child in this practical home and garden swing at any time and give them a gentle push.

Fun in the house and in the garden: a swing frame with a beautiful design

The flexibility of this children’s swing made of durable plastic is a major bonus. You can use this children’s play equipment in the playroom and in other rooms of the house as well as on the terrace or in the garden. This swing will be incredibly useful in any location. This Baby Vivo playground swing is handy and doesn’t weigh much, so you can easily transport it. In addition, this swing is characterised by its attractive and child-friendly design. The creative designers have put a lot of effort into making it look good:  on the backrest and on the front of the safety bar there are colourful, smiling teddy bear faces. They are a perfect addition to the turquoise-grey framework. Toddlers will be delighted by the movement of this swing and the pure sight of it.

Hard-wearing playground swing guarantees maximum safety

When it comes to play equipment for toddlers, safety is a top priority. With this garden swing, you can rely on the manufacturer to provide all-round safety. All components have been rounded off; there are no sharp edges. This way, your little ones will never have any painful mishaps with it. In addition, this swing frame features impressively sturdy materials and a stable swing suspension system. A seat belt and safety bar prevent children from falling. The entire construction will win you over with its safe stand, supported by high-quality feet. You don’t have to worry about the swing set tipping over when children swing more heavily. Play safely with your toddler and let them swing by themselves without worry.

Baby Vivo brand swing, quick to assemble

This home and garden swing can be assembled in a few minutes; the easy assembly is another advantage of this thoughtfully designed play equipment. You can put the individual parts together in a jiffy and screw them together, no tools are required. This simple procedure also proves beneficial if you want to use the swing frame in another location, such as on holiday.