A classic in a new guise

Push-car with a rocking function or rocking animal on wheels: our rocking unicorn offers children and parents several possibilities in one product. It combines the advantages of a plastic push-car with the learning effect of a rocking horse, trains numerous motor skills, and accompanies boys or girls on adventurous journeys into the land of fantasy.

Our rocking unicorn as a rocking animal

The principle of rocking animals has remained unchanged for centuries and offers both boys and girls the same learning effects: the self-generated movements train balance and coordination skills; in addition, balancing the body trains various muscle groups and makes children in the development phase fit for further physical challenges. So that your little one can benefit from these effects, place the rocking unicorn on the mono-runner that comes included. Its recesses give the wheels a secure hold and ensure that the push-car becomes a classic rocking horse with all its advantages in no time at all.

Our rocking unicorn as a push-car

Even turning, crawling and creeping along increases your child’s radius of action; once he or she can do this with assurance, this increases even further. With a push-car, boys and girls not only move faster, but also train their leg muscles. This, in turn, prepares them for new means of transportation such as tricycles, balance bikes or bicycles. To offer your little one this exercise, simply remove the base plate and place the rocking unicorn directly on the plastic wheels. Thanks to their high-quality workmanship, they are particularly smooth-running and resistant to breakage, so the former rocking animal becomes a stable push-car in a jiffy. The integrated handlebar allows you to steer the vehicle and control the movement of your child.

Our rocking unicorn as a playmate

Last but not least, the unicorn design stimulates the imagination and takes boys or girls on a wonderful journey. The stickers provided make it possible to design the mobile rocking animal/rocking push-car based on your own imaginings and to give it that individual touch. The detachable music element, from which your little one can elicit different melodies at the push of a button, guarantees the right soundtrack on big journeys. Non-slip handles and the raised backrest with adjustable lap belt ensure a secure fit and make the rocking unicorn a reliable travel companion.

Innovation for greater safety

The plastic used offers parents and children individual advantages. As a durable material that is resistant to breakage, it makes the rocking animal steadfast and stable; the rounded shapes minimise the risk of injury and invite little riders or drivers to quite literally grasp things. Due to the low weight of the plastic, significantly less force is required to set the rocking animal/push-car in motion or to stop it again. This leaves little boys and girls with more energy for other things in life, such as imaginative outings on our very special rocking horse.