Playpen made of durable plastic with a cute elephant pattern

The Kory playpen from Baby Vivo helps you easily create a safe space in the room for your baby to rove around, play and relax. You can keep an eye on your child at all times, without worrying that they’re out of sight or unsupervised. They’re always conveniently in view, so you can hear what your little one is doing and can talk to them while you’re busy with other things, perhaps around the house or at your desk. The plastic playpen offers your baby or toddler their own protected area within the room, in which they can let off steam creatively. Different colours and integrated toys make it fun and cosy.

Practical protective guard: foldable and with integrated toys

The cleverly designed elephant playpen is foldable, making it super easy to assemble and dismantle. It is easy to set up in a few simple steps when you need it and is ready for immediate use. When you need a bit more space in the room, the playpen fence can be quickly dismantled, folded up and stored to save space. It has 14 simple elements that plug-in to each other, surrounding your child’s play area with a decorative fence. The gate element of the play paradise is decorated with an adorable elephant and has a whiteboard for drawing on the back. Different colours and lovingly designed details stimulate your child’s senses. Toys integrated directly into the protective fence promote cognitive development, meaning your little one is never bored and can really let their creativity run free. The whiteboard is perfect for first attempts at drawing.

High-quality, flexible crawling fence for use anywhere

All components of the Kory playpen by Baby Vivo are rounded, so your child cannot injure themselves. The protective fence with a child-friendly elephant design complies with EN 71 and is manufactured to the highest quality. Its plastic surfaces are very easy to wipe down and clean. The well-thought-out design of the crawling fence gives you a lot of flexibility. Suction cups on the underside of the individual segments perfectly adhere to smooth floors and ensure stability. They can be replaced with the included silicone pads at any time if you want to set up the protective fence on another floor, for example a soft carpet. These easily changeable alternatives make the Kory model ideal for all floors and surfaces.