Mira 2in1 children’s kitchen and doll house by Baby Vivo – imaginative fun with learning function

Does your child like standing in your kitchen and watching you fascinated while dishes are being prepared? Do they love playing with dolls and want a doll house for the nursery? Baby Vivo’s children’s kitchen and doll house is a gift that will fulfil your child’s deepest wishes. In the following overview, you’ll be able to read about why it’s worth choosing this 2-part set and what advantages it provides for both you and your child.

High-quality material and detailed craftsmanship

This play kitchen and doll house is made from wood (MDF) and provides your child with a toy which sets itself apart from others thanks to its excellent craftmanship. In addition to this aspect, it should be emphasised that this wooden play kitchen and doll house has been made in a high-quality and stable fashion. That means your child can play with it for long periods of time while having lots of fun. It’s also easy to assemble and disassemble, which parents can be pleased about too.

This play kitchen and doll house has been created in great detail, which is particularly effective at stimulating your child’s imagination. The children’s kitchen has an oven with a hob which can be adjusted just like in real life – perfect for a first learning experience. A microwave which can be opened is also included in the kitchen. Your child’s imagination will also be able to conjure up a delicious ice cream thanks to the fridge’s ice cream machine. They will, of course, have to wash up afterwards. Children can do this on their own using the sink with a movable tap. Dishes can be stored in the spacious storage compartments. Your child’s dolls can live in this pretty doll house across three spacious floors and six rooms.

Various play options

Depending on how your child prefers to play, they can either play in the children’s kitchen and doll house alone or use it with friends for exciting role-plays. Mini dolls which are already present or purchased separately can be placed in the kitchen and doll house and used for a holistic play experience in the nursery.

This wooden play kitchen and doll house isn’t just high quality and stable, it also has the advantage of maintaining the excitement over a longer period of time during play. Easy assembly and disassembly allows use of either only one part for play or both play surfaces together for role play. Whichever option you choose: the Mira 2in1 children’s kitchen and doll house from Baby Vivo is a wonderful gift for your child!

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